Coconut Chocolate Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Do try this delicious, ultra creamy & scoopable dairy-free ice cream made with just 4 ingredients including chocolate & coconut milk this holiday season.
Course: Dessert
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Freezing time: 5 hours
Total Time: 15 minutes
Author: Priya Lakshminarayan


  • 1 tin Coconut milk
  • sugar
  • cocoa powder
  • Dang Coconut Chips


  • The recipe to prepare this┬áCoconut Chocolate Dairy-Free Ice Cream in an Ice Cream Maker is as follows. In a pan add coconut milk, sugar and cocoa powder and cook it on medium heat. Keep stirring. Once it begins to simmer, it will thicken. This could take 8-10 minutes depending upon your cooking range. Take it off the flame and allow it to cool down a bit, then transfer it to a container and place it in the fridge (not freezer) until cold. This could take around 4-5 hours. Then transfer it to an Ice Cream Maker and churn till it sets. I should take 15-20 minutes. Transfer to an ice cream container and freeze until the desired consistency is reached. Now if you are like me who enjoys a little crunch in her ice cream, then you will totally enjoy this next step. Sprinkle Dang Coconut Chips over the ice cream scoops and serve immediately.