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3 glasses of Thandai Milkshake served next to a bowl of colors and rose buds

Thandai Milkshake

Sweet, nutty, and spicy Thandai is a chilled Indian drink recipe made with homemade Thandai powder. It's mainly served during the Holi festival. Clearly, it's a crowd favorite and can be made ahead of time in less than 30 minutes!
Course Dessert, Drinks
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Servings 6 people
Calories 418.97kcal



To Make the Thandai Powder

To make Thandai Milkshake


To Make the Thandai Masala

  • Arrange all the spices and nuts that you will need in their exact proportions, on a plate.
  • Transfer them all to the blender and grind them to a powder consistency. Store this Thandai powder in an airtight container.

To make Thandai Milkshake

  • Add 4 tablespoons of milk to a small bowl and warm it up in the microwave. Soak saffron in it for 10 minutes. This is called blooming the saffron.
  • To a thick bottomed pan, add milk and heavy cream.
  • Then add Thandai masala and sugar. Cook over a medium flame and bring to a boil. Simmer the milk mixture for 12-15 minutes.
  • Take it off the flame and add the saffron milk along with rose water and dried rose petals. Mix it all together.
  • Cover and let it steep for an hour on the kitchen counter.
  • Strain the mixture if you prefer thandai to be clear of all the small particles. 
  • Then chill this drink in the refrigerator till it's time to serve. Pour in serving glasses, garnish it with saffron and sliced almonds. Serve.


When making thandai powder, do not grind it for long else it will become like a paste. The powder should be of coarse consistency.
In place of heavy cream, you can also use half and half or evaporated milk to get that creamy effect.
If certain spices or nuts are not available to you, you may swap them with the closest ingredient or choose to skip them altogether. This will however alter the final flavors.
In case you find the thandai very thick, add some ice cubes or water to thin it. You can use leftover thandai masala in your oatmeal, smoothies, milkshakes, etc. 


Calories: 418.97kcal | Carbohydrates: 20.14g | Protein: 6.12g | Fat: 36.15g | Saturated Fat: 20.33g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 2.42g | Monounsaturated Fat: 11.28g | Cholesterol: 116.82mg | Sodium: 66.21mg | Potassium: 254.27mg | Fiber: 1.09g | Sugar: 15.8g | Vitamin A: 1315.28IU | Vitamin C: 0.88mg | Calcium: 166.61mg | Iron: 0.66mg