Sponsored posts on my blog and/or Instagram

  • I collaborate with brands whose products or services I believe in and fit my vision,brand and audience.

Food styling and photography

  • I style and photograph food for use on my blog, your website, social media or other online advertising, magazines, restaurants, menus, and cookbooks. 

Food videography

  • I create recipe videos or food-focused videos for use on your website, social media or other online advertising.

Recipe and product development

  • I create custom recipes and produce high-quality photography for use on your website, social media or other online advertising, magazines, menus, and cookbooks.

Product Reviews and/or Giveaways

  • Do a detailed product review on the blog and share it on social media. Host a giveaway on my Instagram account that promotes your product and increases your social media following. 

Brand Ambassador

  • If your brand is a good fit for me and my audience, I can represent you through social media, recipe development, content curation and blog posts for a longer period of time (e.g., 3-6-9 months). 

If you are interested in any of these services or want to collaborate with me for any other assignment, kindly get in touch with me using the Contact Form. Alternatively you can email me at contactthechef@cookilicious.com for rates & availability.Media Kit is available upon request. You can view our work here